sink the sun.
im abby // 17, also secretly and now... i think this is the part where we stop pretending we’re not going to see each other again.
“Forgive me father for I have sinned,
I have loved a woman more desperately than I have loved God. I have looked to a woman more reverently than I have the sky. There, in the sulk of her bottom lip, I find myself talking about a heaven that only exists when she is looking at me,
father she has not been forged between the dip of my teeth, she is not my rib, or my left side, she is my entire stomach, she is my spine.
I have been searching for prayer, father but I have found that I can only say her name
Dear God, let me have her
Dear God, let her rest with me
Dear God, let the sky turn red from how we burn
The plum tree in our back garden has withered because I have not seen the sun for five days. I have been worshipping at the cradle of her hips
father, she has cleansed me with those hands and those eyes, I do not know how to turn unless it is towards her, I do not know where to go except in her direction.”
Azra.T “Take Me to Church” (via 5000letters)


The sun and the moon in the same time on the sky.

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Sleepyhead (Acoustic)  — Passion Pit


Sleepyhead (piano version) - Passion Pit

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.


seeing an old person cry is the equivalent of having 1000 daggers stabbed into your heart

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